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Operation of furnaces

The oven can be used after purchase only after careful reading of the operating instructions.

Compliance with certain rules

- Materials that come into contact with food must be compatible and environmentally friendly.

- The EU Low Voltage Directive stipulates that every product must be safe for people from the point of view of electric shock. The electrical model must be earthed.

- A wood- or gas-fired pizza oven can be used indoors with a good exhaust system for combustion products.

- Each piece of equipment is used exclusively for its intended purpose, without exceeding the permissible parameters.

Installation of an electric furnace

✓ Choose a level place to place the unit. Do not place the oven in places with high humidity, near flammable materials or materials that burn for a long time.

✓ Keep a distance of at least 30 cm from the oven to walls or other objects on all sides.

✓ Check the compatibility of the electrical connector with the plug in the pizza oven. This should be done by a specialist. The residual current device must be in good working order and ensure that the power supply is cut off immediately in the event of a wire breakdown or exceeding the permissible operating parameters. At the end of all electrical work, a declaration of conformity is signed.

The daily maintenance of electric ovens is as follows. Disconnect the home pizza oven or its larger counterpart from the power supply.

- Dirt is removed from the inner surface (while the base and walls are hot, using a special brush) and the outer part of the unit is cleaned (when the unit has cooled down).

- In electric versions, do not use water supplied under pressure, abrasive cleaning of the heating zone, or use products that damage the heating elements.

Operation of wood-burning ovens

Different species will bring their own aromatic notes to the dishes. It is unacceptable to use conifers, birch and waste furniture wood treated with varnishes and resins.

- Wet wood is smelly, so it is better to use dried material with a dense structure.

- The pizzeria equipment is fired with wood chips, paper, and small chains, and they are added gradually.

- After installation, you need to find out how freely the smoke from the wood burning enters the chimney.

The daily maintenance consists of removing the cooled ash and cleaning the outer surface of the wood-fired pizza oven.

✓ Do not use fire starters, artificial materials or household waste. During each operation, partially burnt wood is pushed to the side of the oven.

✓ Make sure that liquids and fats do not get on the base.

✓ After the cooking process is complete, the ash cools down on its own, without being poured with water.

Gas pizza oven: instructions for use

The installation is carried out by a specialist.

- The location should be chosen so that the distance to the objects to be ignited or interior elements is more than 1 m. Do not place the oven close to walls or furniture.

- For the convenience of further maintenance, it is necessary to connect a shut-off valve. It is used to shut off the gas supply. Also, do not forget about the safety valve.

- The exhaust gases are removed through a chimney. It is connected by the installers of the pizza oven.

- After connection, the gas supply level is checked with a pressure gauge. To check the tightness of the hose connection in order to detect leakage of the coolant, the pipe connection is placed in soapy water. The absence of bubbles will show that everything is done correctly.

Cleanliness is a must.

✓ As with any other version, the interior walls are cleaned after the structure is heated to +350⁰С using a brush.

✓ External cleaning is performed when the structure has cooled down.

By following the rules of operation of pizza equipment, you will extend the period of trouble-free use of the unit.

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