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First ignition

When you buy a saucepan or frying pan, you know that the cooking utensils need to be cleaned. You should also prepare the oven for use. The inner surface should be cleaned of dust, accidental dirt, possible ingress of cooking oil, and the primary odour of the materials should be removed. This is done by heating and machining.

First switching on of the electric furnace
o Set the regulator to +100°C and warm up the furnace for an hour to eliminate various foreign odours.
o Open the door to air out the combustion residues.
o Switch on the unit again, but at +400°C. For one hour, treat the inner chamber with a high temperature stream.
o Open the door when the preparatory work is complete.

The first start of a wood-burning oven
Hardwoods are the most convenient to use. Apple, pear and cherry wood is considered to be very fragrant, so in the process of burning wood, a pleasant amber will be transmitted to the baked dough. Logs are suitable with a thickness of 10 cm and a length of 20-30 cm.
The assembled oven must be dried properly before use.
o The first stage takes place at a low temperature (+80...+100⁰С), with the oven partially filled with wood.<Then a break is made for 5-8 hours.o The second stage is a temperature rise to +150...+200⁰С, followed by a long cooling.o The third stage is a temperature rise to +250...+300⁰С, which lasts for an hour. This completes the drying of the internal space and the "hardening" of the furnace.
The gradual increase in temperature is done in order to avoid significant thermal expansion of materials and the appearance of cracks. Using the flame of a burning candle, the draft indicator is checked (assess whether the flame is evenly positioned or turned towards the air movement).
What should I do if a certain amount of firewood has a low moisture content? After the warming up process (or the end of the pizza making shift), put the wood in the oven to cool down.
How much wood should I use? One full armful of wood is enough for normal drying. To keep the combustion process going, place 1-2 logs inside, near the smouldering ash pile, in advance. Then they can be used immediately without reducing the intensity of the flame. It is forbidden to increase the fire by blowing air with a fan or treating the wood with petroleum products.

First switching on the gas stove
The energy source is natural or liquefied gas. When the flame disappears for some reason, the gas supply blocker is activated. This prevents poisoning with an invisible, very harmful product.
o When switching on, turn the control knob to the "Off" position, then switch on the gas supply.
o Turn the control knob to maximum power while activating the ignition button.
o After 5 seconds, the gas will ignite and a flame will appear.
o The first time everything warms up inside at idle, without putting in any workpieces. The internal volume is cleaned, sterilised and prepared for practical use.
Preparation of the furnaces for operation should not be ignored. It will take extra time, but it will not harm the operation of the units in the future and will destroy all extraneous factory "residues".
According to the instructions, it sometimes seems silly to the buyer. However, in this case, you will know exactly how to switch on the pizza oven, how to prepare it and how to use it. You will also get an idea of possible malfunctions and learn about the cause of their occurrence.
When using any type of pizza oven, a fire extinguisher (2 litres, 5 litres) or a large bucket of sand, a shovel should be available in the room.

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