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Volcano - EGO-FORNI - итальянская печь на дровах

The oven is produced in two models: Napoli (N)
Diameter of frying surface: 100, 120, 140 centimeters.
You can choose colour, decoration and metal base.
Ovens can be equipped with gas additionally.

Execution in a tematic style in the form of the volcano "Vesuvius". One of the most productive oven of model line VULCANO is producing in version Napoli (N) only. We recommend this Neapolitan oven for pizzerias with intensive workload. It satisfy the requirements every pizzerias. It can be complicated by atomizer burner for gas additionally. The construction of EGO-FORNI ovens include heat-intensive cooking space. The cooking space is covered by two-layer intensified ceramic layer for different function. The frying surface is made from special ceramic material that pressurise temperature quickly. It has storage battery to provide regularly heat distribution. The metal-ceramic construction give strength and protection against overheating and blemish. We guarantee that model VOLCANO has unique work characteristic and high reliability.
Ovens are produced in classic Neapolitan style. They have lightweight metal frame and average total weight. One-layer ceramic cooking space is covered by heat keeping and refractory materials. The dome of the oven is set on a ceramic concrete base in a menal shell. We recommend to use this model of oven for pizzerias, cafeterias, bars and for everyone. This model for domestic and professional use. You can use Standart model for cooking a wide range of dishes and baking. You can use a small amount of wood. This oven can easily keep temperature and working conditions.
This model for everyone who want to have maximum. We recommend Napoli ovens for pizzerias with intensive working load. We guarantee that construction of this oven has unique operating characteristics and high reliability. Pompeian ovens of original Neapolitan technology are made from ceramic components for different functions. These ovens are binded by massive metal frame. The Napoli oven has dome with two-layer cooking space that covered by amplified layer of thermal protection. The dome is set on a massive ceramic concrete base. The frying surface – “fs” is made from cpecial ceramic layer for gain temperature quickly. It’s very important during high workloads. That’s way the frying surface won’t “turn off” when the temperature and humidity will increase inside of cooking space. You can comfortably bake a lot of pizzas. In addition this model of oven is equipped with anty-overheating system. It’s allow to cook pizzas calmly and predictly. The chef has not to have high skill for working with this model of oven.
Parameter table
Series S,Nødiameters, cmNumber of pizzas (wood)Weight, kgSize S
Size N
S-70 (mini)70130077x100x107
S,N-10010031250, 1800122x140x150138x160x170
S,N-12012051500, 2200122x160x170143x180x190
S,N-14014081800, 2650122x180x190148x200x215

Another models

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