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Cooking in pizza ovens

Why do you think people go on picnics? You can meet and share news in a home atmosphere. The main goal is to relax in nature and enjoy food with the smell of smoke. That's why people cook fish soup, fry kebabs, bake potatoes, and bring cheese and sausage slices and salads for more variety.

A wood-burning stove is a miniature bonfire at a picnic. And there is smoke! You've experimented with many pizza recipes, modified them to suit the tastes of your family, and treated your neighbours, friends, colleagues, and relatives to your pastries. What's next?

Don't stop there, try creating other foods, such as first and second courses, and other pastries. After all, a pizza oven is not a highly specialised kitchen appliance. The main thing is to choose the right temperature. And a thermostat that measures the temperature in the cooking chamber will help with this.

What will please you about having a pizza oven in your home

Let's start with the core offer and add potential opportunities to the list.

1. If you have dough and your family is starving, you can enjoy the taste of fresh pizza in 15-20 minutes. No need to place an order and wait for its delivery. And the toppings will be only your favourite!

2. Tea, coffee, and cocoa are not just sugar. Cinnamon rolls, thin pies with sausages, potatoes, croissants, bagels, thin biscuits - all baked from leftover pizza dough. If you wish and have free time, you can make Ossetian pies.

3. Borsch, cabbage soup, mushroom soup, pea soup, meatball soup. Any recipe can be realised in the oven. You just need to choose the right cookware, either stainless steel or heat-resistant ceramic. Cook in the morning and try it at lunchtime. The dish from the oven will surprise you with its richness of flavour!

4. Boil any cereal with meat, mushroom filling, baked fish, stew cabbage, potatoes and you will experience the flavour of long-known side dishes in a new way.

5. Healthy vegetables that you can bake on the grill will add a healthy touch to your diet. It is possible that over time, you will like the quality of the food you cook so much that you will give up the stove altogether in favour of the miracle pizza oven.

Will such a structure help out in the country

Of course! If you don't have small children and don't need to cook often, a pizza oven will be a great help. We enjoyed the Italian crust, cooked something new for ourselves, and checked out an interesting recipe for baking with yeast dough.

You should be friends with good neighbours! What's to stop you from spending an evening inviting people over for dinner? This will strengthen friendships, gain help for the future and make you famous for your hospitality. And you'll probably get an invitation in return.

Kebabs are usually eaten at a picnic. But you need a barbecue, skewers and a place to set up an open brazier. You can change the cooking format by choosing a pizza oven. Think it won't work? Marinate the meat and the miracle oven will take care of the rest. All you have to do is supervise the cooking like a chef.

Caught a fish but don't want to bother making a ramekin? Bake it in an electric, gas or wood-fired oven or cook the first course by separating the fillets from the bones.

Buy a pizza oven based on the availability of resources. The close proximity of forest plantations will allow you to choose a wood-burning model. If there is light on the site, an electric version is suitable. If you buy a gas cylinder, you can connect the appropriate type of oven.

Choose on the website EGO-FORNI the type of product you want. We will provide a free consultation, tell you about the advantages of running models, and quickly send them to any location where express carriers deliver parcels.

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