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How to make the right decision? Test drive to your aid!

Rational buying rule: Don't make decisions based on pictures and stories only!

It happens something like this: “I need a wood-burning stove. I saw this one on your website, and there are many other places too! But how are you different from others? Why are you not making it from fireclay bricks? What, then, is there inside? What is the temperature in the chamber? Will the walls be just as hot? Does the pizza cook quickly? Can we bake bread? And the meat? And what else? How long does the temperature last? And ….? “


Questions, questions. Difficult to make a decision over the phone!


Test drive to your aid! You can visit the nearest establishment. At Malina House on Pivikha! This is our pizzeria in a picturesque place full of Instagram locations on the shore of the Kremenchug Sea, on Mount Pivikha. This is the highest point of the Poltava region. A wonderful mystical place! Place of POWER!


Geolocation: open on Google.Maps

Coordinates: 49.183885, 33.149307

Contacts: +38(097)255-78-28 

On the basis of our production, a training ground for training pizzaiolo has been created.



Test drive program:


– the theory of working with Italian wood-burning stoves;

– an overview of furnaces (types, types, structure, main indicators).


– work with the furnace (fire control, work with a shovel)

– cooking (pizza, meat, vegetables, pastries)

– recipes (we share our knowledge and recipes for a cool dough).


– excursion (m. Pivikha).

Ukraine, Poltava region,
Kremenchug area,
v. Maksimovka,
st. L. Ukrainka, 10
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