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Using a pizza oven at home

It is good to have a pizza oven at your disposal. An electric version can be installed in an apartment. For a wood-fired one, you need an outdoor space or a separate room with sufficiently powerful ventilation. It is also advisable to carry out regular ventilation for the gas type.

Since there is no need to feed a large number of people, small equipment options are chosen. For a small family, a model with 1-2 single-cake pizzas will do. For a large family, a 2-level unit that can bake up to 8 pizzas at once will be useful.

The advantage of buying a pizza oven

Hospitable people always have something to treat their guests. And if the treat is pizza, you can be sure that your home will be loved forever! The dough can be prepared in advance and kept in the freezer. For the toppings, the range of products is very diverse. The main thing is to always have cheese.

❖ Everyone has neighbours who like to chat a bit. They come to ask for something or borrow it, then stay for an hour and a half. How can you not offer a cup of tea? And with it, a delicious slice of pizza, cooked in the presence of people.

❖ There are friends who make appointments and those who like to turn up unannounced. Even if they bring something with them (usually champagne, cakes or chocolates), you still need to put something on the table. While people are undressing and entering the living room, prepare the pizza toppings and bake it in a few minutes.

❖ If you have a large apartment or house and a lot of relatives, get used to the fact that people will come to visit you. Why not show off your new acquisition? After all, you can now cook pizza often.

❖ A gathering of friends, a men's party, a birthday at home. Fragrant pastries will come in handy everywhere. For lovers of Italian cuisine, pizza will completely replace dessert. It can be made light and satisfying.

❖ During the Covid quarantine, many people stay at home. But you still want something tasty. A pizzeria has a limited assortment (usually 5-10 types of pastries are offered). It's time for culinary creativity! Make as much dough as possible and experiment! To avoid going to the market, arrange for food delivery. Meat, vegetable, fruit, fish, combined pastries will make you a real pizza maker. And new recipes will be added to your home cook's collection.

❖ You came home tired, you had a hard day at work. Or you're on maternity leave to look after your child, and they have a fever and are teething. The baby has completely exhausted mum during the day. Roll out the pre-made dough stored in the fridge, sprinkle it with the filling and let the oven work its magic. If you have a teenage daughter or son, you can teach them how to make their own pizza. And then you'll have a great dinner waiting for you at home after work.

We do not limit ourselves to one type of baking

Pizza, pizza and more pizza. Even the most ardent fan will get bored of it one day. Don't underestimate the benefits of your purchase - use the oven to its full potential! Diversify your assortment by making stuffed bagels, pies, Napoleon cakes and other options that your unit can handle.

Try cooking first and second courses. This is especially convenient when you have older students at home. The cooked food is in the oven, so it cools down more slowly. Your son or daughter will come home after school and eat a warm dinner.

A lot of technology has been invented to free up human potential. Dishwashers and washing machines, robotic vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, and robotic window cleaners will do an excellent job of handling the household load. And partially delegate culinary tasks to a pizza oven. Let you have more time for yourself and your family, for interesting activities, positive emotions and relaxation.

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