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How to choose an oven. Characteristics of ovens. Comparison of "gas", "wood", and "electric" models

The amazing culinary invention of the Italians called pizza has conquered the whole world. It is ordered in restaurants, delivered in pizzerias, eaten at home, and tried in the oven. If there is a high demand for baked goods, food companies install conveyor or rotary ovens.

Oven designs for small baking requirements

For special fans of a fragrant masterpiece that you want to make yourself, you will need a home pizza oven. Today, you can find a popular Tuscan model and a Neapolitan model, which differ in height: the former resembles a hemisphere, the latter a semicircular oval.

In Tuscan, the vault is higher, so, in addition to pizza, pies are baked here, and food is also cooked in pots and clay pots. The Neapolitan is designed for stronger heat accumulation in the upper zone. It operates at temperatures above +300⁰С, is characterised by the speed of culinary processes, so it is limited by the variety of dishes prepared.

It is very convenient to cook pizza in a Pompeii oven. The domed, compact version is placed in a gazebo, on a veranda, in an outdoor space next to a private house. The design uses convective heating and reflection of heat flows. The Pompeii oven is ready to delight you with an assortment of dishes made from dough, meat, fish, and vegetables.

How ovens work and where to install them

The self-regulation of the combustion stage is as follows: when the outgoing gases become abundant, they block the flow of fresh air, which carries oxygen as an active element of combustion. The temperature drops, then outside air enters the furnace, and the combustion process intensifies again.

Ovens beautifully complement the interior of private establishments such as cafes and restaurants, so they are usually installed right in the hall. And while the ordered dish is being prepared, visitors are in anticipation of the meal, smelling the aromas hovering around. A light haze flavour is preserved in each product, and the appetising crust crunches teasingly on the teeth, making you eat more than you want.

Choose carefully

In Italian pizzas, the dough is rolled out to a thickness of 0.4-0.7 cm, so baking takes just minutes. Keep the following parameters in mind:

- thermal factor. At what temperature should I bake pizza? You need to reach the level of +350...+400⁰С;

- oven performance. Bake 1-8 pieces at a time;

- is the permissible diameter of the baking dish. It depends on the size of the pan and starts from 30cm;

- the presence of a viewing window. It helps to visually control the process;

- the size of the installation. To choose a pizza oven for your home, look for small tabletop models and floor models (on legs). For a restaurant or pizzeria, you will need larger counterparts;

- type of heating medium. Electric, wood and gas appliances are available.

Gas-wood-electricity: which heat source to choose

There are 3 types of ovens: wood-burning (in some places, pressed briquettes or coal are used), electric (the best option for indoor installation) and gas.

Woodfired ovens

Positive features

The ability to form and maintain a constant heat depends on the correct assembly. There are mini versions for individual use and large samples for baking 8 pieces at once. The eco-friendly fuel adds a woody "charm" to the flavour. The pizza oven is distinguished by the speed of baking the dough and toppings. This ensures an excellent crust and even melting of the cheese.

Negative aspects

A more convenient unit for home use, at catering events. If you install it in a pizzeria or restaurant, you will need to keep the oven preheated all the time. It will not be possible to bake products of different diameters in one place. It must be equipped with a chimney. After 10-15 seconds, you have to turn the cake in a circle to bake it well.

Electrical ovens

Positive features

The use of heating elements allows you to start heating immediately after plugging the equipment into an outlet. The dimensions are different, you can order a multi-level pizza oven. Simultaneous cooking of products of different diameters is allowed (they are located in several chambers). If one level fails, the rest continues to function.

Negative aspects

Meeting electrical safety requirements. There are consumables that will need to be replaced over time: heaters, stones, thermostats. A lot of current is used when the load is high. In the absence of electricity, you will need to purchase a generator to continue doing business.

Gas ovens

Positive features

They provide quick heating. They can work for a long time without interruption. They have a wide temperature range (+270...+500⁰С). They can have several chambers for a particular type of product. Productive and safe (subject to proper installation).

Negative aspects

Requires cylinders or a fixed connection. Nozzles require cleaning and maintenance over time. The burner is permanently mounted and cannot be moved.

Delicious pizza can be baked in any design if you have the experience and desire to do everything to the best of your ability. And EGO-FORNI specialists will help you choose the best option. EGO-FORNI.

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