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Wood Pizza Ovens

You can visit us and test ovens

in the nearest to you establishment or in our show-room






You can ask about the best decision for your home or business. We will help you to choose our additional services: hook-up and commissioning, first oven firing, staff training.


It's inportant that all parameters will be perfect. We will take measure. But you can choose materials, decoration and furniture.


After your payment you need choose a method of delivery and installation. We will deliver the oven on time or we can do installation work at your site.

Cook with passion

          Why do we produce ovens? Do we have moral right to do this?
          About 20 years ago we started to cook pizza in Italy. We worked in defferent pizzerias in the south and in the north of the country. Year after year we have learned how to cook different types of pizza. But not only this. We have learned different designs of ovens that used to bake it. In like that we have met with italian ovens. This fact was a reason to become oven produsers through 10 years. At first we started to build ovens for our friends. But than we started to built ovens for customers. When we returned in Ukraine we built outdoor oven for our yard for cooking pizza and potato in pot. It was Neapolitan oven. Our oven has cooked and it is cooking these days. It is showing amazing possibilities.
          In addition, I want to give you a next reason. We have made about ten thousand pizza in defferent italian pizzerias. We know all about high-tech materials and details about temperatures hardiness of this materials. We know what we do and aur purpose. That’s why we want to share our experience with you. So, if you want to have our product that has phenomenal features we will produce it especially for you. And even the most famous Neapolitan ovens for example, Forno Neapolitano, Master Ernesto, Accunto or Ferrara cannot compare with your oven! We guarantee it to you.

Cook with passion

We consider, that with our EGO-FORNI ovens customers should get the best. First of all they should get the best quality of food. We have wood fired pizza ovens for home and for your business. We meet any your demands. We guarantee exellent results in baking your dishes. Wood fired pizza ovens mean tasty and healhy food.

Unique design and benefits of EGO-FORNI ovens

Feedback from our customers

"My family loves pizza very much. That's why we installed Ego-Forni mini-oven in our summer home. Now we can cook pizza almost every day!"
Dmitro T.
"We have ordered more than one time. We have bought our first oven and then we ordered three ovens more. It's enough to use this oven once and then you will cook with pleasure every time"
Banda Pizza

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